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The new line-up for the 2018 season are here.

This year EICMA once again played host to the release of the newest models from the biggest manufacturers. Racing Planet was on hand in Milan to bring you all the highlights and insights into the 2018 models:


Flagship manufacturer Piaggio was on home turf at EICMA and big things were expected from this traditional Italian company as they threw three new models into the mix this year.

The Piaggio Typhoon, the long-time best seller, now sports a new fairing design, meets Euro 4 standards and boasts a 2-stroke motor which features an electronically controlled carburettor.

The Piaggio Zip debuts a new 3-valve air-cooled engine with electronic fuel injection which also meets Euro 4 standards. The new design, however, was a point of contention. Another model to feature a Euro 4 standard 2-stroke engine was the Piaggio NRG Power DD. This practical daily scooter will also feature the electronically controlled carburettor for 2018.

All in all, the new models on offer are user-friendly, sportier and are running more ecologically considerate engines. Quality and comfort are always at the forefront of what Piaggio do, but the subsidiary companies within the Piaggio group are not taking it lying down.

Gruppenbild European Scooter Trophy Liedolsheim


The classic Italian firm also threw three new models into the fray at the show. The new Vespa Sprint was a real highlight with many updates to its electronics. The new cockpit, mobile docking option and complete LED light setup make this a truly modern day scooter.

It’s a similar story with the Vespa Primavera, which celebrates 50 years on the market. To mark the occasion, the new year will see the appearance of a Limited Edition model.

The electric scooter has become a standard feature on the stands of the larger manufacturers. Italy is now well and truly in the mix when it comes to the electric scooter wars with the new Vespa Elettrica X. This combines classic Vespa styling with a chrome-grey paint job which makes it a real head turner. The motor has a long term output of 2kW but is capable of 4kW when pushed. In Germany, at least, this model will be restricted to 45kmh.

Gruppenbild European Scooter Trophy Liedolsheim


Piaggio’s daughter company has made a successful transition to sporty, attractive scooters with the SR 50 MT and the SR 50 R. The design screams 21st Century and will be a popular choice with the under 30s.

Gruppenbild European Scooter Trophy Liedolsheim


A shot from left field from the Japanese manufacturer sees a new three wheel leaning scooter hitting the market in 2018 with the Yamaha NIKEN. A double wheel setup out front offers additional stability and cornering performance. This brave new model boasts an inline 3-cylinder water-cooled 4-stroke injection engine and is built to the highest of standards and promises endless miles of enjoyable riding. This model is open to a lower band of license on the continent and therefore you can expect to see a lot more of these over the coming years.

The Neo 4 has also had an overhaul with the little city scooter now featuring Euro 4 compliance for its 4-stroke injected engine. A double headlight and blue backlit LCD cockpit will make for more comfortable night riding in future. A practical luggage rack and lockable seat ensure the Neo remains an outstanding city ride.

We had to wade through a tide of people surrounding the new Yamaha Aerox 4, which also features a Euro 4 water-cooled 50cc 4-stroke engine for 2018. A new, sportier frame and Supersport styling are combined with aluminium lightweight 5 spoke wheels, hydraulic telescopic forks and 6 litre tank. Ever a favourite in the German market, the Aerox was clearly a popular choice with the crowd. The recent updates will ensure it remains a frontrunner for the coming season.

Yamaha booth at the EICMA 2017


The French manufacturer also had a little secret tucked away in the new Speedfight; an even sportier version of its famed 50cc scooter. It is also the latest addition to the “R Cup” collection in Peugeot’s lineup. Design has been inspired by the 308 Racing Cup and there will be both a 50cc and 125cc version available.

In celebration of 120 years of Peugeot, the Django lineup will see the addition of a limited Neo-Retro Edition with an injected 4-stroke engine and a facelift for this popular city scooter.

Given that the first Peugeot motorcycle hit the market in 1898, it's safe to say 2018 was a target year and Peugeot celebrates this anniversary with the visionary new P3X. “P” for Peugeot, “3” for 3-wheeler and “X” for crossover. Sadly, there were only virtual images on offer but photos will follow as soon as they begin to trickle in.

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The Bavarians chose EICMA to debut their first mid-size scooter in the shape of the C400X - a 350cc 4-valve single cylinder model with ~30bhp for city commuting. The C400X is exclusively made in China and offers the option of BMW connectivity, which allows the rider to use mobile phone navigation via the onboard TFT display, wirelessly make calls and listen to music. These do, of course, require the relevant helmet communication system to be purchased additionally.

What all this fun is going to cost is not entirely clear.

Gruppenbild European Scooter Trophy Liedolsheim


Five years after the introduction of the new Integra model, Honda has once again proven that it can successfully synergise the two worlds of scooter and motorcycle. The new Integra 750 delighted in the attention from the EICMA crowd. The new 2018 model doesn’t appear any different once you get past the red paint job, but there have been some technical updates in the shape of new traction control, electronic injection in the parallel twin engine, a 14 litre tank and ~50bhp which get to be ridden on the streets. There will be a 35kW version of the Integra next year for those who don’t have the full license credentials. The Honda SH300 is now available as a Colour R-Evolution model in particular colours and matching accessories. The golden version featuring a Top Case seemed to be quite popular.

Gruppenbild European Scooter Trophy Liedolsheim


The latest Maxi scooter from Taiwan has been awaited with great zeal and, as expected, has stolen the show in the sports scooter category with the MaxSym TL1. This model features an 8-valve, water-cooled 465cc twin which puts out around 40bhp. Nothing is left to be desired as far as styling is concerned, either. The fine lines of the EICMA model in white, grey and blue will be hitting our streets in 2018.

The new GT scooter for city riding is the CruiSym 300, a Euro 4 engine powered scooter with aggressive lines and a very comfortable seat.

Another newbie is the well-kitted SYMphony ST with the proven SYM smart cooling system, ABS and 125cc engine. The lower centre of gravity promises increased stability on the street and better maneuverability.

The SYM FNX is forging new paths in design technology, however the key features of the new scooter are not yet clear.

Gruppenbild European Scooter Trophy Liedolsheim


Kymco presented the Xciting 400 at EICMA, which will enter 2018 with an S version. The styling has undergone a sporty and more technological reworking and the full LED setup and uniquely designed rear light really set it apart from its predecessor. The Kymco Xciting S400 is the first scooter to feature daytime running lights.

With its 299cc 4-valve single cylinder engine, Taiwan’s bestselling Kymco People S300 is also entering the next round with 21.2kW and 30.1Nm of torque. It also sports the new Bosch double ABS system and an elegant fairing design meaning this model, too, is ready for 2018.

Gruppenbild European Scooter Trophy Liedolsheim
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