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Moped Exhaust

Moped Exhaust

The main difference in comparison with scooter exhaust the moped exhaust is usually built two-parted. Manifold and silencer can be bought separately and if needed exchanged individually, which is great for the wallet. Technically the exhaust for scooters and mopeds are identical and meet the same requirements.

Original Exhaust

Moped Exhaust Honda It's been a long time since the exhaust mounted ex factory was the best for the concerning moped. Due to laws and regulations the manufacturer have to meet standards regarding noise and pollution. Consequential the silencer is often equiped with a cat (catalytic converter) in order to filter pollutants from the exhaust fumes. If there's a secondary air injection system the exhaust fumes will be transported back into the engine to filter the pollutants with the repeated combustion. Due to to this measures in order to meet the exhaust emmission standards the moped can only reveal mediocre performance on a test bench. The prices for OEM parts for Aprilia, Derbi, Peugeot, Honda or Yamaha are usually a lot higher than for an equal spare exhaust. This applies to the pioneer modells of motorbikes and mopeds from Piaggio, Ciao and Vespa as well.

Attractive alternative - Spare Exhaust

scooter manifold Tecno The manufacturer Tecno and the traditional brand Proma (mainly for mopeds with minarelli engine) are two of the lower price exhaust manufacturer in the replacement division. The durable and duly processed standard pipes often match the original exhausts but cost a fraction. When replacing the exhaust it is important to note that all spare parts need to have an E certification mark with the according number. This mark gives information on the street legalty of the regarding exhaust on this particular moped. In the product texts in our shop you can find information whether the specific exhaust is street legal or not. If you should still have questions on the right replacement exhaust you can call our support team. They are happy to help.

Tuning exhaust for mopeds

moped exhaust carreras for Derbi Even in the tuning segment you can save money compared to the original replacement exhausts. Plus: you get an extra on performance and the optic of your moped won't loose either. Only one of many examples: The OEM exhaust for a Derbi Senda GPR 50 is listed with 450 Euro. A suitable alternative is brought to us by the manufacturer Turbo Kit with the Set Carreras 50, which costs 280 Euro in the chromed version. Turbo Kit is anything but an off-brand. Tuning fans have known for years what they can expect from this specialist. But also some other manufacturers like Yasuni are bringing their moped exhaust to the top of high performance pipes. Their hardly to reach exhaust flagship is the Carrera R4. It costs arround 350 Euro.
Derbi Senda 50
Exhaust from Yasuni and Turbo Kit are also available for Derbi Senda 50. Also there is a third producer: Tecnigas. Whether you decide on a E-NOX from Tecnigas, Bufanda from Turbo Kit or the Cross exhaust from Yasuni is a matter of taste. In the end all of these exhausts are great and cost around 200 Euro.

Moped Racing Exhaust

Not only a dynamic optic but also a much better sound and performance you will get with a good racing exhaust. The leading manufacturer in this segment are Polini, Malossi, Tecnigas, Turbo Kit and Yasuni. They all have put a lot of thought into this matter and launched real master pieces.
When tuning an exhaust which isn't designed for racing the results can be rather frustrading. With non authorised changes at the pipe the bike also looses its operating license. When willing to hazard the consequences it is possible to make the exhaust louder by removing the insulating wool and drilling holes. But it should be said that a regular exhaust will become louder with these measures but it won't sound like a good tuning exhaust will. Also the performance can decrease. Therefor it is better to stick with the experience of the leading manufacturers.
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