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scooter & motorcycle battery

Roller und Motorrad Batterien

Roller Batterie The vehicle battery (also called starter battery) is an energy storage device which has the task of supplying the electrical consumers in various vehicles with electricity and acting as a buffer for the electrical current emitted by the alternator while the vehicle is in motion. Most scooter batteries are so-called lead accumulators. Two substances are the main components of accumulators used today: sulphuric acid and lead. The negative electrodes are made of finely divided sponge lead, the positive electrodes of lead dioxide. Sulphuric acid forms the electrolyte that enables the flow of ionic current between the electrodes. In vehicles with electric starters, the battery also provides the current required for starting. When an engine is running at sufficient speed, the alternator produces excess current to fully recharge the battery. Only 6 and 12 Volt batteries are used in scooters and mopeds, 12V batteries are common nowadays. A 6 volt battery is composed of three, a 12 volt battery of 6 single cells connected in series with a nominal cell voltage of 2 volts each. The single cell consists of several alternating positive and negative plates.

What are the battery types?

Lead-acid batteries:
This type is currently the most common type of battery for two-wheelers. This type of battery is available in many different designs, most of which differ in plate composition, surface and insulation. Lead-acid batteries have a low internal resistance and therefore good high current resistance. However, these batteries are usually not cycle-proof - in other words, they can also break down in the event of weather-related temperature fluctuations (e.g. in winter).

Lead gel batteries:
The electrolyte is present as a gel in the lead gel batteries. Therefore, this type of battery can work in any position and without maintenance. The final charging voltage of this battery must be below the gassing voltage. Lead gel batteries are closed, so they do not need to be filled during commissioning. Their advantages include better energy efficiency due to less voltage swing, better dischargeability in cold and maintenance-free conditions and a longer service life.

lead fleece batteries:
The lead fleece batteries are a special design of the lead battery and are used nowadays more and more frequently in the original equipment. With this type the sulphuric acid is bound in a fleece. The lead-fleece batteries have a very good ratio of service life, price and driving characteristics. Their further advantage is a good capacity even at low temperatures.

Which battery fits? The answer is given by the battery code

. The battery type is always specified with a code, for example YTX7A-BS, YTZ10S, YTX5-BS or similar. This code describes the battery in its basic design, dimensions, electrical parameters and polarity (+/- left/right). This means that if a battery has the same code, it can be replaced accordingly. So if you have a battery from manufacturer X installed in your vehicle and the code is the same as that of manufacturer Y, then both batteries can be used identically!
But beware! Some manufacturers unfortunately have their own designations. Therefore we always indicate the reference numbers of some other manufacturers with our products.
For example:
YB4L-B corresponds: YUASA YB4L-B, Varta 50411, GS GM4-3B, FB FB4L-B, Fiamm 6I2P, Exide EB 4L-B, MF CB4L-B

So it may be that you order a YTX5-BS battery from us, but the packaging will then show GTX5-BS. This is the same battery! However, we list the most common codes in the shop so that the products are easier to find!

Battery change

Changing a battery in the scooter can be easily done by yourself. All you need is a proper wrench for the battery holder and a simple screwdriver if necessary. This also depends on the model of the scooter or moped. After the purchase of the new battery you can start with the installation. First remove the battery cover (usually under the tread plate). On certain models, the battery is also located under the seat of the scooter. After that the negative pole of the battery has to be disconnected first and then the positive pole. Then remove the battery holder. Remove the old battery from the holder and insert the new battery. On some models, a ventilation hose must be attached to the new battery. Now the holder can be screwed tight again and the battery poles can be connected. In reverse order to remove the battery, first connect the positive terminal and then the negative terminal to the battery. Cover it - done.

Fill batteries

The starter batteries are stored dry, that means there is no acid in the batteries. Thus the battery can be stored much safer and longer, it does not discharge itself already from alone in the camp! In addition, already filled batteries may not be shipped due to applicable transport laws. When the customer fills the battery for the first time, it is activated and ready for use without having to recharge it. Our batteries are usually shipped with the appropriate amount of acid and a filling aid. This means that commissioning is no longer a problem. Here is a good video tutorial for filling batteries.

For standard acid batteries:
The video shows Varta batteries.
The system is exactly the same as for all batteries in our segment

For AGM batteries:
The video shows Varta batteries.
The system is exactly the same as for all batteries in our segment

Charge the battery correctly

The batteries are charged by the alternator current. However, this can only be stored if the battery is in good condition. Electrical problems are often caused by an incorrectly maintained battery. Incorrect battery maintenance means above all: low liquid level, the plates are free and / or corroded and dirty poles. Batteries lose up to one percent of their charge every day. In warm rooms, they lose twice as much charge each time the temperature rises by ten degrees. They should therefore be stored in dry, cool rooms. To charge a battery, it usually has to be removed from the scooter. If a scooter, moped, maxi scooter or motorcycle is taken out of service for an extended period of time, it is recommended that the battery be removed. Attention! The battery acid is corrosive, therefore handle carefully!

Battery maintenance

In general, the treatment of a battery requires only a minimum of effort. Today, most batteries are 100% maintenance free. Normally the batteries do not consume any water. However, the surface and the battery terminals must always be clean to avoid leakage currents. During charging, avoid sparking during installation, removal or bridging and do not handle fire or smoking near the battery to prevent the formation of oxyhydrogen explosions.

Tips for the correct handling of the starter battery:
  • Deep discharging is prohibited - i.e. never draw less than 11.8 V nor current
  • Quick charging is not recommended, if absolutely necessary, then only until gas voltage (approx. 14.4 V)
  • is reached.
  • Acid refill only in case of leaks, otherwise use only distilled water
  • Measure acid density after charging and an appropriate diffusion time (should be 1.26, or 12.6 V open-circuit voltage)
  • store always full if possible
For longer service life:
  • maintenance charging with constant voltage
  • discharge with low current up to final discharge voltage (not longer than 11.8 V) and recharge with low current - take breaks if necessary

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