Scooter winter tires
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Scooter winter tires

Winter tires for scooters and mopeds

Winter tyres are compulsory!

On your two-wheeler you enjoy a freedom and flexibility that is often unknown to other road users. Some of us are dependent on our vehicles at all times of the year and have to be on the road even in bad weather conditions. It becomes particularly critical as soon as the first snowfall sets in. Not only the cold causes problems for man and machine, but also the danger of slipping increases with snow and ice. The choice of the right winter tyre is indispensable so that one is halfway safe on the road and the road surface does not become an opponent. A few years ago, every driver of a scooter or moped was free to decide whether he wanted to carry the high risk and use the light summer tyres. Since 4 December 2010, however, legislation has stipulated that tyres with the M+S label must be driven in appropriate weather conditions. Some winter tyres are also marked as such with a snowflake on the sidewall.

The ADAC reports extensively on its homepage about the legal basics in Germany.

What makes a winter tyre

winter tyres IRC Thermoelastic treads and small sipes in the tread are the most important distinguishing features from winter tyres to summer tyres. The tread structure is also more pronounced and the lateral tread pattern is reinforced. This improves both the lateral grip and the self-cleaning properties of the tyre. All these adjustments are aimed at achieving the best possible traction in difficult weather conditions. The right tyres can make driving more comfortable even in winter. With the winter tyres from Translated with Kenda, IRC oder Heidenau sind Sie gut unterwegs und gönnen sich ein Plus in puncto Sicherheit.

DOT and skid depth

The DOT number can be found on the sidewall of the tyre. The four-digit sequence, which has been uniform since 2000, provides information on when a tyre rolled off the production line. A tyre with the DOT 3412 was produced in the 34th calendar week of 2013. Tyres sold as new tyres must not have been stored for more than two years. The reason for this is simple: the tyre's rubber compound ages, becomes porous and hardens. If possible, a tyre should not be driven for longer than 5 years. Already from the 6th year the adhesion deteriorates noticeably.

The legal minimum tread depth for summer and winter tyres is 1.0mm for all light motorcycles up to 125 ccm and maximum 11kW / 15PS power.
1,6mm are mandatory for higher motorized vehicles. Measurements are always taken in the main profile, i.e. the middle tread of the tyre.

Our recommendation for the winter is quite clear: Don't let it get you down and change your tyres early, if a tread depth of less than 3mm is reached. Anyone who has already driven with significantly less tread will know that the legislator is quite generous with the vehicle owners when it comes to determining the minimum tread depth.

Choosing the right tyre brand

The offers in the scooter segment are not yet as confusing as in the Automobilia segment, but even here you quickly lose the overview and become insecure. We want you to be on the road safely and have preselected for you. We only offer you brands that promise you strong tyres that won't let you down. We don't just rely on our good experiences, we also listen to the feedback of our customers who evaluate our tyres:

IRC is launching its Urban Snow, one of the first tyres on the market to impress with its unique sipe technology. The sipe technology has already established itself in passenger car tyre technology and is now also available to scooter drivers. It scores above average in the tyre test..
Winterreifen Heidenau
With its Snowtex, Heidenau relies on an innovative winter silica compound that promises particularly high cold elasticity. The lateral guidance of the tyres on wet and cold roads is quite good, which is also due to the differently structured special synthetic fibres. It should be noted that not all models are equipped with sipes. Depending on your needs you will find both variants in our shop And here's the way to the test of the tyre model Snowtex K 58.

With the K701 all-weather Kenda is in no way inferior to its colleagues. With the K701 you will find in our assortment another reliable 5 star tyre of an experienced tyre specialist, who is bought by our customers again and again with pleasure and has made a decent name for himself in the field of scooters, mopeds, motorcycles and car tyres. Should you choose this tyre, you will be delighted by its stable cornering characteristics, as Kenda's winter tyre is extremely faithful to the track and draws a clean line in curves, providing a safe driving experience at all times.
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