Scooter Ignition Coil
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Scooter Ignition Coil

Scooter and moped ignition coil

Roller Zündspule mit Kerzenstecker Scooter and moped ignition coil The ignition coil in scooters, maxi scooters or mopeds is part of the ignition system. That consists of the following components: battery, CDI, alternator, pulse generator or pick-up und ignition coil .

Task of the ignition coil

The function of the ignition coil is to transform the battery voltage to the required ignition voltage and to transfer the energy stored in it to the spark plug. In other words, the ignition coil works as a transformer. The functional principle of the ignition coil is relatively simple. An ignition coil consists of two coils wound around an iron core, the so-called primary and secondary coils. The primary coil is connected to the vehicle battery and the circuit can be opened and closed with a switch. If the switch is closed, the primary coil is live and a magnetic field is built up in the ignition coil. Since the current flow in the primary winding is interrupted, the magnetic field is suddenly reduced and simultaneously generates the high voltage required for the ignition spark in the secondary winding. The switch closes and opens automatically, because of an ignition timing sensor in the CDI.

Structure of the magnetic field

When the primary current is opened by the breaker contacts, the magnetic field tries to dissipate rapidly and induces a self-induction voltage of 200 - 400 V in the primary winding. At the similar moment the same happens in every single winding of the secondary coil. Since the secondary coil has considerably more windings (approx. 100 times more than the primary winding), the secondary winding also reaches 100 times the voltage. This produces the high voltage required for an ignition spark. Depending on the vehicle model, generation and ignition system, the high voltage is transmitted to the spark plug in different ways. In older scooters and mopeds, a mechanical ignition distributor deploys the high voltage to the spark plug. With the appearance of today's fully electronic ignition, the ignition distributor was replaced and the ignition coil connected directly to the spark plug. Over the last few decades, the ignition system was continuous advanced.

Tuning ignition coil

Roller Zündspule Naraku High Output Some manufacturers, e. g. the Taiwanese brand manufacturer NARAKU, offer so-called racing ignition coils with high-end secondary winding. With this ignition coil the secondary voltage can be almost doubled. The ignition voltage of an original ignition coil is approximately 16,000 V. With the "race high-tension coil" ignition coil from Naraku, for example, an ignition voltage of a whopping 31,000 V can be achieved. The big advantage of tuning ignition coils is the better "transmission" of the original input ignition voltage. At extremely high speeds and cold temperatures, the high ignition voltage ensures clean ignition. Not only tuning freaks get their money's worth, but also in case of ignition-related cold start difficulties "High Output" ignition coils are recommended. If tuning the ignition via the ignition coil is not enough for you, you can get even more out of your scooter by changing to a complete tuning ignition system Zündanlage.
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