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Moped throttle

Why a 25 km/h moped thrush for a scooter or moped?

The decisive argument for a 25 km/h Mofadrossel might be in most cases the low costs. For a scooter or moped, which drives maximum 25 km/h, one does not need a driving licence. With a moped throttle set, a 45 km/h scooter can be retrofitted as a moped and driven on the official way. Prerequisite is that the driver is at least 15 years old.
To drive a moped that is not allowed to exceed the maximum speed of 25 km/h, you only need a simple test certificate, the so-called moped driving licence. This test certificate can be obtained at a reasonable price from driving schools. Sometimes schools or other institutions with official permission also offer the acquisition of the moped driving licence.

What types of mofa thrushes are there and how do they work?

There are different types of Mofadrosseln. All have in common that they reduce the actual speed of the vehicle to 25 km/h. Because of the components used, a distinction is made between electronic and mechanical throttles in the mofadrottle sets. Mechanical throttle sets limit the speed by, for example, not allowing the two discs of the variomatics to converge completely. This is achieved by special spacer rings between the two variator pulleys, which prevent the V-belt from climbing up to the full power of the roller. Another way to mechanically reduce the maximum speed of the vehicle is to install a carburetor slide stop, which only allows the vehicle to accelerate up to a certain point and thus does not allow the vehicle to travel faster than 25 km/h.
The speed of a scooter is electronically throttled by a special CDI, which controls the engine speed while driving and intervenes in the ignition process as soon as a speed is reached that allows the vehicle to drive faster than 25 km/h.
As a rule, electronic throttling also includes mechanical components that have to be installed in the variomatic during conversion. The combination of the different types of throttling is quite common.

What does a 25 km/h moped throttle set come with?

The scope of delivery of the moped throttle set generally includes all components necessary for the conversion, installation instructions from the manufacturer, a seat cover for the pillion seat, as a moped can only be driven by one person and last but not least, for TÜV and DEKRA indispensable expert opinions from the manufacturer delivered.
Important for the mofa throttle set are not primarily the components with which the speed of the vehicle is reduced, but the value of the mofa throttle set is determined by the expertise that is indispensable for certification. A mofa throttle set without expert opinion is ultimately worthless, because only the expert opinion guarantees that a properly installed mofa throttle set is also recognized by TÜV and DEKRA.
If the installed moped throttle set has been tested by the technical surveillance association, the vehicle registration office only has to change and confirm the granted operating license of the scooter as a moped in the vehicle documents.

What to consider when ordering a moped throttle set?

No matter whether for a 4-stroke or 2-stroke vehicle, whether for a scooter or moped of the manufacturers Aprilia, Baotian, Kymco, Piaggio, Suzuki, Yamaha or a vehicle not listed with us - over our Mofadrosselfinder you find the suitable throttle set to the vehicle. In the input field of the Mofadrosselfinder under only the complete chassis number (VIN/Vehicel Identification Number, z.B. ZAPC2500000070200456) or alternatively the EC type-approval number (e.g. e4*2002/24*0610*00) to find the correct moped throttle set for the vehicle. Both the chassis number and the number of the EC type approval can be found in the scooter type approval. Each Mofa throttle set is delivered especially for a single vehicle and therefore the chassis number of this vehicle is exactly stated in the expert opinion on the Mofa throttle set. Technical inspection bodies such as TÜV or DEKRA check this information. It is absolutely necessary that we also receive the chassis number with the order. During the ordering process, a note can be sent to us in the comments field below when selecting the method of payment. The chassis number should be entered here so that we can provide the certificate with the 17-digit chassis number. The completion of the order process as well as the delivery of the order will then take place as usual.
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