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Who's Who Racing Planet Germany

Who's Who Racing Planet Germany

You wish you had a picture of the person on the phone? Spot the Racing Planet Team Germany.



Whenever your vehicle goes belly up, Racing Planet's support division renders assistance. You don't even have to tell your beads. Just click on the envelope on the right side of the shop or use your phone to call the helping spirits! Product, order, claim or installation issues will be solved in next to no time.



These handsome gentlemen make sure that your order becomes a parcel. Hardly working round to improve their tabletop soccer skills, since warehouse commander-in-chief Marco is always looking after the right timing and cycle during picking and packing.


Purchasing Department

Our purchasing troupers shop all day to source best spare and wear parts worldwide. While dealing with import documents and tariffs they don't even lose sense of humor. As long as the product quality meets demand, otherwise they can turn displeased.


Mission: Online Shop

These fellows are in charge of Racing Planet's website product presentation. We try hard creating a machine that may unpack and shoot products, may edit photos and put pictures online, may write descriptions of the goods and assign vehicle types, but for now we still count on man and girl power.


Office 54

When not too busy with management, IT or marketing, they play tricks on their colleagues, wear hero tights and fight evil or shoot selfies. Along the way they keep the RP parent ship running like clockwork, of course.

Buchhaltung und Personal

Accounts and HR Department

Coping with numbers and data, these charming ladies and the good-looking gent work hard from morning to night. Racing Planet staff asking for money, days off or cookies need to address the ladies. Moreover they are in charge of the gummi bear supply essential for survival.


Our feel-good Fairies

One of plenty of reasons we like to go to work is Viola. She makes us feel comfortable at Racing Planet. The smell of freshly baked cookies and a clean workplace are things to be said. And who bears oneself well gets a fruit platter served to table. The scheduled therapist massage by Akowes is the icing on the cake.



Of course we must not forget our clever, capable and drop-dead gorgeous apprentices. "Once in a blue moon" a company enjoys such excellent junior staff members. Seriously, a good education is important to us since we know it may impact the future of the entire industry. We therefore handpick who to hire. And with these veriest skilled apprentices we are more than pleased.

Olsen, Hektor und Amingo

Special Agents

These employees are not doing all that much. But due to permanent contracts they can't get canned. However, with their always new adventures these doggies amuse their colleagues and that is why they contribute to a positive working atmosphere.

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